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Is there such a thing…

What powerful word can it truly be
Is there such a thing
Is there such a place
Within our hearts
Within our souls
Within our spirits
Love without limits
Can one really give that way
Can one relinquish that much emotion
Presenting our heart upon a platter
Open and exposed
Vulnerable to the core
To trust another human being so completely
To know you will be safe and emotionally protected
To give without a thought
To only know and feel such a love
To surrender all control
To love without restriction
Abandon all worries and concerns
To never question, only do
To feel the endless source of giving
To never feel the hesitation
To never hold a doubt
No more pangs of jealousy
Is there such a thing as unconditional
To trust someone with your soul
Let my life be an example
For unconditional… Boundless Unconditional Love

A letter from the Soul

I celebrate this year with you
I toast the love we share
And thank God for this blessing
in each and every prayer

It started out with thoughts of you
of feelings so compelling
To search far and wide for you
to express what I’ve been withholding

Now my love, I share with you
a letter from the soul
My deeper feelings for you
than I would even know

At times I see it in your eyes
the need for you to know
The feelings that I have for you
but I’m too afraid to show

One thing that really captures me
my heart, my mind, my soul
Is your unconditional love for me
no matter what the toll

The seasons’ come full circle
from the time we met
You always treated me with love
endearing patience and understanding

I wanted you to know
I love you dear with all my heart
In a letter written to you
A letter from the soul

Preface : With the advent of email and cellphone, we as a generation have lost the art of letter writing. We have even forgotten that there was a time when writing letters was our only means of communicating over long distances. I have to admit that I long to receive a long, heart-rending, soppy letter, filled with words carefully chosen and eternal. “A letter from the soul” is a poem which originated from this thought.

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Fear of Rejection

I love you. I love you.
Oh, God how I love you.
I wish I could tell you
and make you understand me.

I wish I knew
what you think of me
so I wouldn’t be so damn scared
that you wouldn’t love me in return.

Every time I see you
My heart begins to sore
A strange feeling bubbles up
inside my chest.

Although I may appear calm.
Yet, no matter how calm I seem
I’m always nervous of losing face
in front of you.

I miss you every second
Every breath that I breathe
I miss losing my soul in your eyes
For my heart you possess

But just so you’re aware,
you retain the same allure today
one of mystery, of promise
of a depth unseen by any man.

I am bewitched and captivated
by your waiting-to-be expressed persona
and the unwritten emotions
in those captivating eyes

Far too removed from you
I had long to feel your love.
That blinding energy
That is best beheld from a distance.

I need to tell you straight and true
That if we’d said our thoughts
and got the timing right
It would have been you.

Being as it is not, I want to hold you forever
But I am deep in helplessness
Vulnerability and possessiveness
Heaped in stupidity and reactions.

Some day you’ll know exactly what I mean.
Some day there will be no doubt, no secrets.
That some day seems an infinity away.
Some day I’ll tell you everything.
I want to.
I will.
Well, I might…

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