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My Favourite Song

Today, I wish to share lyrics of a Malayalam song with translation. This is one of my most favourite Malayalam song “Manushyan Mathangale Srushtichu”. The lyrics was written by Vayalar Ramavarma and through the lyrics, he took the dreams and despair of an entire generation, to transform generations that followed, into a philosophy of humanism and rationalism.

In 1973, Vayalar Ramavarma won the National Film Award for Best Lyrics for this song.  The film “Achanum Bhappayum” won the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration and Dr. K. J. Yesudas won the National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for this song.

The song was composed by G Devarajan and it is considered one of his best compositions. The film was directed by K. S. Sethumadhavan and written by K. T. Muhammed. It stared K. P. Ummer, Jayabharathi, Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair, Adoor Bhasi and Baby Sumathi in important roles.

Pallavi :-

Manushyan mathangale srushtichu,
Mathangal daivangale srushtichu,
Manushyanum, mathangalum, daivangalum koodi,
Mannu panguvechu, Manasu panguvechu.
Manushyan mathangale srushtichu…

English Translation:
Man created religion,
Religions created God,
Man, religions and Gods together,
Divided the land, Divided the hearts.
Man created religion…

1st Charanam :-

Hinduvaayee, Musslamaanaayee, Christianiyaayi,
Nammale kandaalariyaathaayee,
Lokham bhranthaalayamaayee,
Aayiram aayiram maanava hrudhayangal aayudha purakalaayee.
Dhaivam theruvil marikkunnu,
Chekuthaan chirrikunnu.

English Translation:
We became Hindus, we became Muslims and we became Christians,
We have become unrecognisable,
World has become a lunatic asylum,
Thousands and thousands of human hearts became armories.
While God is dying on the streets,
Devil is having his last laugh.

2nd Charanam :-

Sathyamevide? Soundaryamevide? Swathanthryamevide?
Nammude raktha bandangalevide?
Nithya snehangalevide?
Aayiram yugangalil orikkal varaarulloru avathaarangal evide?
Manushyan theruvil marikkunnu,
Mathangal chirikkunnu.

English Translation:
Where is our truth? Where is our beauty? Where is our freedom?
Where are our blood relations?
Where are our eternal affections?
Where are the reincarnations that comes ones in thousand years?
While man is dying on the streets,
Religions are having their last laugh.

Shadow of One’s Soul


As life turn the page of time
Unknowing and unforgiving.
He walks amongst the crowd,
His costume is his emotion.

To let unknowing
And not showing.
The pains and hurt
That time has brought.

The shadow colors all
Light will not drive it away.
It seems vile and sinister
But it knows not good or evil.

It is beyond such notions.
But it conjures fear.
Some embrace it
Others try to run away.

Unknown to them it masks the shroud
That mocks his devotion.
Unknown the winner of that duel
Or who now shadows who.

Unknown, alone and disowned
A cruel twist of fate.
Hoping one day he’s born anew
For shadow’s never disappear or fade.

The shadow of one’s soul
Forever lingering…

My Butterfly

This poem is dedicated to a little girl of 6 who is watching a beautiful butterfly soaring in the sky, spreading her delicate wings on an Indian Summer. The little girl wants to capture the beauty of the butterfly but the butterfly remains elusive, just beyond her reach. The poem is about the feelings that run in this little girls mind…

little girl - butterfly

I was sitting on the porch, gaping at the pristine blue sky.
Enjoying the colours breaking slowly, on an Indian summer.
My eyes fall on a butterfly in fluorescent elegance,
Hoping from flower to flower to collect nectar.
A delicate and beautiful butterfly, so full of life,
Quietly swirling in the breeze, hovering calmly.
I still myself and track her flight,
Trying to capture, the eloquence.
Breezy it is, as she flaps her wings.
I try lunge forward to capture her.
But she’s too quick and eludes me.
Just beyond the mesh of my imagination.
Towering in flight, scything through foliage,
Tricking me time and again, I chase to exhaustion.
The more I chase the further she flies,
More elusive she becomes, frustrating me.
I want her to know, I wouldn’t hurt her.
I just want to see her up close and personal.
Capture her everlasting beauty in my eyes,
To re-live the beauty with my eyes closed.
For from the start, I always knew deep inside,
That I would not be allowed to keep her.
I guess it’s hard to accept that, I will have,
To let her go and watch her fly away.
My Butterfly, for once settle on my hand and then…
You can test your wings and fly to the herd.
For you still decide when to say goodbye!!!


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