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My Darling Angel

When I look around and see you,

The angel in my eyes,

I know that I will do anything for you.

My angel, the most precious gift of life

I will do everything to protect you.


When we lay down for a nap,

You hold me in those comfy hug,

Your little figures gracing my back.

My angel, the love of my life,

Oh I miss those little arms around me.


When we go for our evening stroll,

Your hands hold my little figure,

Confident now is your little baby steps.

My angel, the treasure of my life,

I miss those shaky steps and the memories.

Your darling cries reach me,

And I rush to your side,

To allay your fears and help you.

My angel, the person I live for,

I will never leave your side.


Someday when you’re grown,

I hope to hold you like I did long ago,

When you were,

My baby, and my angel

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Love’s Chances : Valentines Day Special

Two paths can be taken,
One alone and safe,
One with love and chance.

One so straight,
Clearly the safer without risk.
Without loves harsh pains.

The road of love, always a chance.
With loves ups and downs.
A chance worth taken.

If I have to take a little pain
Waiting, for my dream,
Hoping the promise is not in vain.

But waiting, I missed
My life’s chance.
My mind put a block so high to climb.

The heart that had been broken
Cried softly.
A prisoner in silent pain.

All had been lost
Until you walked in.
My heart fought to be free.

Dare I let my heart scale
To trust once more.
On a prayer, I let lose and go free.

Then we sang songs together.
Birds chirping,
Rain drops falling without raining.

The times together,
So fresh and clear.
A careless whisper in my ear.

The touch so soft.
Gentle as the wind,
Caressing the skin.

The sweat and musk,
Scent that lingers.
Held with in your eye’s dream

A second shot at life.
No one has one,
But I’d still be full of doubt.

I want cling to the moment,
But wipe it away all the same.
I don’t understand myself.

At times, in the still of the night.
I think about you.
And I know I am just a captive to myself.

To love is pain….. Alone is safe…….
But my heart yearns to hear “Here I am, It’s me.”

PS: It is “Valentine’s Day” and “Love is in the Air”. I have always wondered if Valentines Day “REALLY” a day we need to celebrate or it is just a waste of time?

Being what I am, I always used to argue that its a waste of time because I just don’t see the focal point of it.

I mean, where’s the sense of telling or showing someone on a particular day that you love them, when you’ve got 365 days of the year (including the 14th February) to do exactly that. For me, Valentines Day is just 24 hours. For me, Valentines Day is just the 14th day of the month February, its nothing special.

It may be to you as you may have a loved one, or it may be your birthday, which if that’s the case, then that’s brilliant and you can celebrate it how you want, but for me, it holds no significance, it is just a day.

But for those of you for whom it is a special day, here is a poem dedicated to lovers. Not the emotion that you feel with your hormonal levels but the pure blissful emotion that we once called ‘LOVE’.

Copyright: Request the viewers of the Blog not reprint/ reproduce this poem on any other website, or any medium, without the express consent of the author. Copyright infringements will be viewed very seriously.

Eves for Adam

On Sunday, February 13th, 2011, I visited Bangalore Palace Grounds to watch the legendary Canadian Rockstar Bryan Adams perform live, in Bangalore, for the fourth time. It was an exhilarating experience for me as it was the first time I had not been for a concert in the 14 years, I had been in Bangalore. Even free Sponsor passes for concerts had not lured me to concerts in Bangalore, famous for its night life. I instead preferred to gift them to couples / love-birds who wanted to have a good time.

So it was refreshing break for me to hear the heart rending music of the 51 year old legend, on whose music and mushy songs, many a Adams and Eves of our generation have “declared true love”. For the 20,000 odd fans, from all over the country, who stormed into Palace Grounds it was an opportunity to experience the magic and the phenomenon known as Bryan Adams. Our Adam did have the Bangalore Eves (Guess Indian Adams were just tagging along) ecstatic, on the eve of Valentines Day.

For nearly three decades, starting from the time when his exploits in the stage as a 15 year old announced to the world that he was a music exponent of remarkable ability, he has repeatedly proved his worth, selling nearly 70 million albums and 30 million singles worldwide and winning 15 Grammy Award nominations. At Bangalore, Bryan Adams, still with his boyish charm and energy, sang most of his all-time hits – Please forgive me, Straight from the heart, Summer of 69, Run to you, Everything I do, Here I am and Heaven.  It was also nice and romantic to see, couples swaying to his music and whisper the lyrics into each others ears.

Like most of his performances that we have watched on television, this time too he invited his fans to come on stage and sing with him. Condition the one who comes on stage should know the lyrics of the song ‘Baby when you are gone’ he was to sing next. If they didn’t, he warned that he would embarrass them and their family, on stage. But at Bangalore a lady ‘brave heart’  got on stage and when asked if she knew the lyrics replied unabashedly, that she didn’t and the only reason she raised her had was to meet him. Though moved by the gesture, Adam did politely yet firmly request this shameless Eve to leave.

He threw the offer open again to the crowd once again and this time another smart Eve, a student of Economics got on stage, gyrated and sang the duet ‘When you are gone’ with Adam. Surely, an experience of a lifetime for that Eve. It drew quite a lot of whistles and cheers from the crowd and rightfully so.

Bryan Adams also introduced Keith Scott, best known for his long-term collaboration with the singer as “one of the fastest fingers on guitar” and “best friend”. After he declartion both Keith Scott and Bryan Adams demonstrated what that statement meant by playing their guitars and demonstrating their mastery over the instrument. 

Though everyone loved the concert once they were in, but for many the journey to the venue was a nightmare. The crowd management was very poor and most of the die-hard Bryan Adams fans had to wait for nearly 4-5 hours. The crowd first had to queue up for converting the e ticket for a pass stub, then there was a bigger queue for security scanning and body frisking. Even packaged water bottles were not spared. The parking and handling of the vehicular traffic around the venue was another problem.

The Adams and Eves of Bangalore were ecstatic and weak kneed during the Bryan Adams Concert even though the buzz soon died out when it was time to leave, thanks to the traffic management. Hopefully the organizers will learn for their experience and realize that our legend Adam has more fan following among our Eves than they can imagine and pay more attention to detail.

Photo : Courtesy Bryan Adams official website