We Indian are known for our sense of humour and are comfortable to tickle our funny bone at another’s expense, but some folks, especially the political class, seem to be fairly thin-skinned when the joke’s on them.

When Ambikesh Mahapatra, a professor in the chemistry department of the Jadavpur University, forwarded what he may have regarded as a harmless cartoon to his neighbour Subrata Sengupta, the West Bengal authorities, didn’t dissolve into a fit of giggles.

The cartoon (above), shows the Chief Minister and the Union Railway Minister exchanging dialogues from a popular Bengali film by Satyajit Ray which alluded to the replacement of Dinesh Trivedi by Mukul Roy as Railway Minister.

The militant Trinammol Congress workers, who at one time used to lecture the Marxists about the space for dissent in a democratic set up, visited the the offending emailer and conveyed their vigorous opinion about his humour. Then, the state’s machinary chose to visit again with full might and arrested both the professor and his neighbour.

According to the TC workers who attacked the professor it’s all part of a Maoist-Marxist conspiracy to besmirch the reputation of the new revolutionary CM Ms Mamata Banerjee. Watching all these drama unfold I have only one thing to say “Apni Boro Roshik Lok Toh” (Akka Bengali for “Have Some Sense Of Humour”)

And in order not to offend anybody’s sentiment giving the English translation of the Title “Why This Kolaveri Di(di)” – Why This Murderous Rage, Sister 😉

‘Preferred Word Among People – Marriage!!!’

World-over there are different people and different customs and creeds…but one thing most common amongst these people is the concept of marriage between a man and woman.

Ridiculous comments, funny comments, logical comments, illogical comments, comments against the verdict or for the verdict, whatever state of it…it is still the most commonest habit of mankind be it the desserts of Africa, the lagoons of Burma, the dormant volcanoes of Maldives, the versatile country India, the Hep Cultured country America, the Vagabonds of Australia – be it anywhere on the Planet Earth…It still exists and it makes an ever lasting make on the Human Kind and on the face value of it – It still Rocks…!

No matter, how much ever you dread or enjoy it…you seem to be a merciless victim of it.

I casually, strike a conversation with a friend, who is victimized or rather in it for almost a decade now, wondering just about the fact called ‘Marriage’.

Believe me it is a FACT not an Concept….coz, there is no absolute theory to it neither can we make one…it is just there.

Why we ended up discussing about it…well, that had a different flavor to it.

He said, “To have such a wife is luck…”

I said, “Yeah, the wife also has to be lucky in that case”

We looked at each other and laughed, but then it was a valid statement.

Two people, with acquired dreams and desires of a partner who will fit within the said requirements and demands, has to be met with a certain amount of ‘Factors of Luck’ or if you simply want to call it – ‘Similar Likes and Dislikes’.

Now, the critics jump and say, “Opposites attract”. Yeah, definitely they do…but do they sustain?! No one knows, we all go by saying it.

Imagining two people under the same room liking things that the other person does not seem to be inclined is like living as strangers and still being together…it is even worst than friends who understand and do the things they like in common…?!

Certain things of commonness is required…?! Don’t we?!

Having said that, does it become all that glorifying if the partners have things to do in common and the partners strike in accordance every time…it kind of becomes cliched and there is nothing that is great than what they want to do?!

Is there an ideal situation, then?

An ideal situation, kills all the enthusiasm and overtly wacky situation puts you to extremes that you don’t want to venture into.

Yeah, taking the Y-Generation into consideration there is a lot of different happenings and different aspects to the same thing. They are a generation who are not satisfied with the usual norms and are the people who ask questions for all that they see, feel and touch, literally!!! ;)

Now, for them the ‘Ordinary is Boring’ and the ‘Out-of-box is Interesting’. Is there as such thing?!

The marriage is not interesting so, Live-Ins are interesting, but with the same partner not interested?! So it goes on….the things of likes, tastes, perception, feel, and the right effect with the sensory organs decides – What we want, rather than the norm.

The X-generation, was more abiding and undergoing types. They accepted the norms as walks of life and did what was required.

They knew, opposites do attract, lived with it, though it was the boring part of their life. Some denied it, some stormed it, some scarified it, some reeled it, some real-ed it…so it sustained in all weather conditions!!

The generation that went by before them had no ‘BIGGER’ opportunities or stands as ‘Take Every Advantage’….so they lived with what was offered to them.

They did not think about tastes, likes, desires, dreams, ‘Life at Large’, make it ‘King Size’, or ‘Have I made it Large’ slogans to help them decide, what they want to do in life.

They just did what their parents did and their forefathers and mothers did or even if they deviated, they could only relate to something that their neighbor did, that they did not.

Loving thy neighbor was not literally taken in those days, but now yes!  :)

Have they been successful?!

Let me think about this statement….deviating a little, I guess for certain parts of their life yeah they have been successful.

How can I say that? How could I? Have I grown old and started talking like most mothers do – “I did not do anything like that. I did not have choices like that in my life. Am I not happy with your father?”

Now, jokes apart…that generation has been happy. You like it or not they have been successful to quite an extend.

There are people in that generation, who have tried to bridge the differences, bring in romance in their lives, kindle the joy of being together, wrap everyone around with warmth and love, there has been exceptional togetherness, there is a mutual respect and a mutual give and take.

It went on for generations and generations like this…no different from yesterday!!!

Is being mutual is the thing that is missing now?!

I am not sure, but there is certain amount of thing that is missing and in spite of it being missing there is so much of it day in and day out.What could that be? Is that my search….I am thinking, listening….Amway! ;)

There are several months of it – when you know people of the prescribed ‘Eligible Age’ excluding the ‘Life of IT’ians’ being married left,right and center in and around where you live.

What is that of the IT’ians you ask, even though you don’t will tell you –  their eligibility comes in a different package….!

In the yester years – it was an era of ‘Government Bridegrooms’, now it is the era of ‘IT Bridegrooms’, so the context.

The IT’ians eligibility is – Join a reputed IT company, be in till about 3 years, go to Onsite for about six months to a year exactly, be it South Africa or Iceland onsite is onsite – Mind you, Rascals …!

Come back, look for the perfect IT Bride and then do a whole load of Gtalk and Video Chat and then fix-up the D_Day and get married….!

So you see, the generation has changed, the people’s lives have changed, pattern, design, architect, the integration has changed but the FACT of marriage remains the same….!?

Am I against marriage….’A BIG NO’….?!

You need someone to “KILL” all along or at least consider him/her as “USELESS….” or to just to prove yourself as “USEFUL” as you can be….!

I am just wondering, what it is that gets to the word ‘Marriage’ and why with so much of complexities it is still the most ‘Preferred Word Among People’!

Thinking, Listening, Being in it….Will come with more….!! :)

Is there such a thing…

What powerful word can it truly be
Is there such a thing
Is there such a place
Within our hearts
Within our souls
Within our spirits
Love without limits
Can one really give that way
Can one relinquish that much emotion
Presenting our heart upon a platter
Open and exposed
Vulnerable to the core
To trust another human being so completely
To know you will be safe and emotionally protected
To give without a thought
To only know and feel such a love
To surrender all control
To love without restriction
Abandon all worries and concerns
To never question, only do
To feel the endless source of giving
To never feel the hesitation
To never hold a doubt
No more pangs of jealousy
Is there such a thing as unconditional
To trust someone with your soul
Let my life be an example
For unconditional… Boundless Unconditional Love

Silencing the Brave

If today the scams are tumbling out of the closet the primary credit must go to some excellent investigative journalism, not by the big TV channels but by journalists from small time newspapers. Therfore the news of the senior journalist Chandrika Rai and his family have been murdered to silence them is shocking.

Chandrika Rai, a freelancer for dailies Navbharat and The Hitavada, was found murdered at his Jabalpur residence along with his entire family – wife Durga, son Jalaj and daughter Nisha – in Madhya Pradesh’s Umaria district on February 18th, 2012, Saturday. Rai was exposing the dirty dealings of the illegal coal mafia in MP. This is not the first time such heinous act has been committed. The murder of journalist Jyotirmoy Dey eight months ago is still green in memory.

Also the statistics that during the past one year at least one RTI activist has been killed each month is a chilling news indicating how criminals have over law into their hands and the police appear to be unable to stem the rot. It is a reflection of the inefficiency of the state administrations all over the country and with curruption ruling the roost it appears to be clear case of political-criminal nexus that is playing havoc with governance.

By February 20th, 2012, Monday the mainstream media, confused about its own role conflicted between market valuation/TRP and authentic reporting, seems to have forgotten Chandrika Rai. The spat between Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virendra Shewag took precedence over the killing of a fellow journalist, albeit from a small newspaper. As a viewer really hope that the mainstream media will abandon its misplaced priorities and redeem its credibility to some extend.

Photo : Courtesy DailyBaskar.com

A letter from the Soul

I celebrate this year with you
I toast the love we share
And thank God for this blessing
in each and every prayer

It started out with thoughts of you
of feelings so compelling
To search far and wide for you
to express what I’ve been withholding

Now my love, I share with you
a letter from the soul
My deeper feelings for you
than I would even know

At times I see it in your eyes
the need for you to know
The feelings that I have for you
but I’m too afraid to show

One thing that really captures me
my heart, my mind, my soul
Is your unconditional love for me
no matter what the toll

The seasons’ come full circle
from the time we met
You always treated me with love
endearing patience and understanding

I wanted you to know
I love you dear with all my heart
In a letter written to you
A letter from the soul

Preface : With the advent of email and cellphone, we as a generation have lost the art of letter writing. We have even forgotten that there was a time when writing letters was our only means of communicating over long distances. I have to admit that I long to receive a long, heart-rending, soppy letter, filled with words carefully chosen and eternal. “A letter from the soul” is a poem which originated from this thought.

Picture Courtesy : Photobucket

Fear of Rejection

I love you. I love you.
Oh, God how I love you.
I wish I could tell you
and make you understand me.

I wish I knew
what you think of me
so I wouldn’t be so damn scared
that you wouldn’t love me in return.

Every time I see you
My heart begins to sore
A strange feeling bubbles up
inside my chest.

Although I may appear calm.
Yet, no matter how calm I seem
I’m always nervous of losing face
in front of you.

I miss you every second
Every breath that I breathe
I miss losing my soul in your eyes
For my heart you possess

But just so you’re aware,
you retain the same allure today
one of mystery, of promise
of a depth unseen by any man.

I am bewitched and captivated
by your waiting-to-be expressed persona
and the unwritten emotions
in those captivating eyes

Far too removed from you
I had long to feel your love.
That blinding energy
That is best beheld from a distance.

I need to tell you straight and true
That if we’d said our thoughts
and got the timing right
It would have been you.

Being as it is not, I want to hold you forever
But I am deep in helplessness
Vulnerability and possessiveness
Heaped in stupidity and reactions.

Some day you’ll know exactly what I mean.
Some day there will be no doubt, no secrets.
That some day seems an infinity away.
Some day I’ll tell you everything.
I want to.
I will.
Well, I might…

Picture Courtesy : Google Images

Kayalvizhi (A damsel with eyes that represent a fish)!!!

“I am on my way to meet you, the train is heading towards your city” – said the SMS that beeped on her Android mobile….!

Sleepily, she woke up from her slumber looked at the watch on her bedside table, it read 11.30 pm. She turned to the lit mobile next to it and clutched it with her right hand, wondering who it is at this hour of the night.  Sliding the screen, the message popped-up and reading it once she almost closed her eyes, then suddenly the last part of the SMS woke her up again.

” …Impatiently waiting to see you, my Love.”

That brought a smile to her face and the man of her dreams appeared before her, that well-built body, that killing smile, that half-raised eyebrows, that scent of his colognes and after shaves, that mischievous look, that never ending questioning, that relenting hands, that firm walk, that I am least bothered about the people around attitude…but still the fear of being caught….all that made her shiver even in that winter-less summers…!

She shuddered and put the phone down, with a hesitation to reply to that message and overcoming the fact to reply…curls up in that blanket and drifts away into a far away land of dreams and dreams.

It is 6 am; still there is time for that stupid alarm of hers to wake her up. But then the dreams have another meaning to her day break today.

She wakes up to some loud noises around, heavy chattering and laughter. She gets up in a fit to close her bedroom door and get back to her sleep. She hazily with semi-closed eyes walks up to her bedroom door.

At the door is a figure standing with a hand resting on the door sill. She rubs her eyes and tries to open it wide but the light from the other side blinds her and it is tough for her to make out the silhouette.

Hardly a few yards but yet it is so far away and that figure is seemingly teasing her with a smile…she walks briskly to push it away and close the door…!She is almost there and then the figure holds her shoulders and moving up a palm towards her chin putting a finger to support the dropping chin, sounds huskily to her, “Hey, you don’t want to look at me…I traveled about 700 odd kilometers for you…”

She fully regaining conscious, looks into that those teasing eyes, the same mannerisms, the same things that disturbed her in the night comes back and the silhouette stand tall and endangering to her femininity…!

She tries to shun him and run away, when a whole load of cousins and his friends surround her from all sides…she shyly doges them and looks at him with pleading eyes to let her go…she tells him with her eyes, this is not the way I want you to see me…!

She is in her night clothes, a pink tops and a blue 3/4ths, her hair shabby from the twisting and turning in the bed, the eyes droopy, the lips dry, the face laden with the power of a good dream…though all this had not shattered or seemed to have touched her beauty…she still looked like a exquisite beauty to watch on…!

Knowing her uncomfortableness, he slowly gives way between him and his friend next to him, and gestures her to pass through it quickly. Understanding him in perfect harmony, she passes their clutches and runs away in to the kitchen where her mom is already making heavenly smelling coffee and dishes for the morning…!

Before she goes in to her hide out, she makes sure she gives him that everlasting smile and look that took his heart away the very instant he saw her on the day of her engagement…!

He had no idea of love and no idea of running behind girls, he was so quietly observed with his work and his medical science kept him occupied. He wanted some remedy for painless surgeries and making some surgeries with the patient conscious. There were methods available but was looking at other options of it and this he thought will help the people on the battlefield.

He was a military doctor helping people with various wounds and amputations and worst scenarios, his mind did not read those subtleties of heart and never had he found time for all that. Though he was interested in poetry and all the romantic things that life can offer, he never did want to do something like that in his life, until that one day.

He was summoned to home all of sudden and before he could deny, he was packed off to the girls house and with just one group photo of the girl he had only a glimpse of what she looked like.

He did not know what to do but reclining with the flow of events he went there to come to conclusions later or just walk away from it denying some reason or other.

He got bored with all these stupid talks, he was not ready to look at the happening…he said, he will take a walk and be back. The family let him be. He walked into the so called backyards of the house and wandered in the wilderness, it opened in to some coconut yards and mango yards.

He kept taking in the scenic beauty of the house and surrounding, breathing in the fresh air and came by to a stream following silently. He just looked around for a place and settled to sit there, when he heard a loud noise from the other side near the bushes…!!

There was a girl in her late twenties and an old lady arguing over something. The girl did not look innocent, looked educated and well behaved but still stubborn in her arguments.

Getting curious he walks closer to bush and gets a good picture of the girl. She is dusky, with beautiful eyes, long lustrous black shiny hair, beautifully craved lips, shapely nose, nice neck; straight and slender structure draped in beautiful simple cotton sari lined with a simple jari border in contrast color of pink and mauve.

She looked like a goddess in disguise. She was denying loudly to the old lady and the old lady was convincing her.

In her fit of anger, she gives a look at the lady and it looked as if there was fire in her and she would have reduced the old lady to ashes…in that fit of anger her hair flung open which was loosely held together in a knot.

It spewed all over her face and in a urgency to tie them again a strand of hair let loose on her face slung with grace across her eyebrows and lightly brushed the lips…at that instant she looked more heavenly than anything on earth and that very instant something changed in his mind.

He just got up to find his camera missing and forgotten to get it…he captured that image in his mind with a thousand watt flash light that never hit him that hard and he let out a sigh so loud that it caught the sight of the damsel and she ran into a quarters like thing and was lost from his sight.

Dejected, waiting there for some time, he turns to go back the way he came. The image ringing in his mind from the echoes of his heart, not able to capture it, not able have a copy of it, nothing he can claim, he walks and drags his soul to the house back through the coconut and mango groves.

His family eagerly waiting for him, seeing announce the family to present the would-be bride…!!!

Somebody from the other corner of the house called for, “Kayal…Kayal…”!!

(More to Roll)