Fear of Rejection

I love you. I love you.
Oh, God how I love you.
I wish I could tell you
and make you understand me.

I wish I knew
what you think of me
so I wouldn’t be so damn scared
that you wouldn’t love me in return.

Every time I see you
My heart begins to sore
A strange feeling bubbles up
inside my chest.

Although I may appear calm.
Yet, no matter how calm I seem
I’m always nervous of losing face
in front of you.

I miss you every second
Every breath that I breathe
I miss losing my soul in your eyes
For my heart you possess

But just so you’re aware,
you retain the same allure today
one of mystery, of promise
of a depth unseen by any man.

I am bewitched and captivated
by your waiting-to-be expressed persona
and the unwritten emotions
in those captivating eyes

Far too removed from you
I had long to feel your love.
That blinding energy
That is best beheld from a distance.

I need to tell you straight and true
That if we’d said our thoughts
and got the timing right
It would have been you.

Being as it is not, I want to hold you forever
But I am deep in helplessness
Vulnerability and possessiveness
Heaped in stupidity and reactions.

Some day you’ll know exactly what I mean.
Some day there will be no doubt, no secrets.
That some day seems an infinity away.
Some day I’ll tell you everything.
I want to.
I will.
Well, I might…

Picture Courtesy : Google Images

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