There are times………

There are times when I believe in you
There are times when I don’t want to
And that is when I feel the love
So strong that I am afraid

Whether I will hurt you once again
Tell me, my love what is life without you?

Be there even if you are not allowed
Cos, that will give me an edge over the others

If in this world I ever get lonely
I know one soul that beats for me
Further away from me lies the shore of love
With tides as high as this sky
That can swallow me and keep me embraced
Forever and ever, for it has no banks.

Moored to a shipwreck that will rock
The essentials of the ship but not the heart
That is locked away in glory of yester’s and today
Don’t you wither there is more this summer
Cold winter is to soothe the heat
The smouldered blues of your life
Hold on to the weather there is more with every change
And with the destined change I am not far off

A day will not go without you telling me
What I am for you and what I mean to you?
But when that is said, you recite  – Why me?!

Your murmurs in the deepest darkest of nights
Will bring in the morn that you wait for
There is light in the thought that – I am there!!
There are times when I believe in you!!


    • Sheriff Ahmed
    • August 25th, 2011

    Amazingly lovely poetry. You portray human emotions well. There is a poet in you. Keep it up.


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