Baby, When You Are Gone

With you gone, the cavity in me throbs, an emptiness that swallows, my heart
as I stumble over the edges of trivial duties.
I long for your voice to surround me,
and make me tremble in  desire.
I long for our hearts to beat as one,
as we watch the setting sun.

When you are gone, I suffer the vertigo of a thousand years of isolation, in the world
as I fill with nausea, over the mundane.
I long to be lost in those enigmatic eyes, the sweet scented hair
and the supple soft skin.
I long for you to moor me to the safety of your harbor,
and hold me secure.

With you gone, I become lost in the gap of my days and long for your return,
to bind together my fragmented and tattered remnants.
I long for you to tether me to your orbit,
pulled to the grasp of your gravity.
I long for loosening of gravity, setting us adrift,
beyond the redemption of earth.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Until the time we are together.

Foot Note : This poem is inspired by the song “When You’re Gone” song by Bryan Adams and Melanie C. Absence, makes hearts grow fonder and that is the inspiration for penning down this poem. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Do watch the video too. “When You’re Gone” was Melanie’s first release without the other Spice Girls and this duet with the rock god Bryan Adams, marked the beginning of Melanie’s successful solo career.

Video Courtesy : YouTube

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