Mouna Ragam… A Tamil Movie of 80′s!

Sometimes a song or a talk instigate a thought process…a song triggered this movie!!

Hmm…People might be wondering why a post for a movie that got released in the yester year….and in the year when most of the office goers of today would have been born….!

This movie is not being written here just for its own excellence but for the impact it had on my generation and the coming generations for quite some time, that even watching it today, I can feel through the emotions that were in my mind, when I watched this movie as a school and college goer….!

It was late Sunday evening and I was switching between the channels of entertainment and found this movie being run on one of the Tamil channels.

I stopped and just wanted to catch a glimpse of certain scenes and move forward but happened to watch it again and wondered how people would have reacted to this movie in this era when every other romantic movie is sung in its very own glory and melody….!

I unconsciously fell in love with this movie again, which was ahead of our times and the subject dealt in the movie is what our generation could not easily think it was feasible…!

Now, 1986 isn’t that much of an golden era when compared today’s technical and cinematography advancements, this period saw some good movies and good directors… one such movie is this…that have stood across time and tide.

People even talk of this movie fondly even today and I can vouch for certain youngsters’ who call this a clean and a beautiful romantic movie…!

The plot is simple and the dialogues are simple enough to play the absolute melody with the characters….no wonder the movie is called – ‘Mouna Ragam – The Silent Symphony’.

The movie is about a simple girl whose is cheerful and  naughty but has a sorrow hidden in the closets of her heart…gets married to a man, who likes her for her frankness much against her wishes…!

They move to a town known to him and unknown to her and the life that unfolds between them….and the journey from hatred to admiration and then the inseparable feeling of love between them kick starts the journey of life and togetherness for ever….and the movie ends!

The way the scenes unfold one after another  is the trick of the director who has handled the script in an fabulous way….! The dialogues are crisp and to the point in the movie…each scene has been described in itself.

The characters have played their parts in subtlety, the main protagonist Mohan alias Chandrakumar in the movie has shown the perfect emotions of a husband who gets married to a bride of his choice but has to wait patiently to be accepted as the man of the dream girl.

He does all that he can do to take care of the girl he marries and gives her the new lease of life silently and even accepts for the gift that she asks for in return of the marriage he has undergone… – the gift being “Divorced”.

The wife Divya alias Revathy, the heroine of the movie around whom the story revolves…comes into a life unwillingly, just because her dad has a heart attack and the whole family accuses her of the problem and in order to save her fathers life….comes into the life of Chandrakumar slowly reveals her past to him and he accepts the past of hers and tells her that, ‘her past is of no importance to him and is willingly gives her the present she asks for along with a present he likes to give her…’ the transformation happens somewhere down the line and we relive every moment with her…be it her past or the present!

This is a clean romantic movie…that did not have any of the usual cinema gimmicks…will clear defined characters and their exit…It is a story narrated in its own glory.

I loved it watching it several times during my school and college days and in the times of Deck and Video Cassettes, I remember playing this movie as an ‘Invocation’ and an ‘Anthem’ every time during the school holidays and discuss among friends about an understanding and loving husband, such as Chandrakumar or crave for a lover like Manohar alias Karthik…!

Manohar remains on our mind and every time we see a equally well portrayed lover boy….he wakes from our memory…Karthik (actor) lives through the character…!

Last but not the least, an equal mention of the Music Director, Illayaraja who breathes life into the characters when they are not talking to each other or the emotions that overflow….in silence.

The perfect use of the musical instruments, to name a few, such as Violin, Flute, Double bass, Cello, Piano and Guitar, that strings the soul and also the characters emotions to blend with the viewers secretly wishing for the hero and heroine to be together….inseparable.

The music is the soul of the movie that speaks in volume and adds beauty to such a soul churning

For me this movie is something like today’s Vinnai Thandi Varuvaaya….people going ga-ga over this romantic flick…!

Share your feelings about this romantic movie that wakes your inner soul and makes you feel the love in air…!

    • mondayhaloween
    • June 14th, 2011

    Hi KK, you said it… this movie is really special.. the music is haunting and it expresses the emotions in their true feeling… one of a kind movie 🙂
    I was reminded of my earlier days, when , as you rightly said, I wished to have a husband , as understanding as Kokila Mohan 🙂
    You just brought back some lovely memories 🙂


      • KK
      • June 14th, 2011

      Oh! Haloween…………!!!

      Welcome….! 🙂
      Memories are always…..pleasant!


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