Listen to your Heart…

I have been receiving a special email of an online summit about self growth and personal development… Some very interesting personalities are being interviewed and they share their views, thoughts and techniques for a life filled with happiness and satisfaction. These are people like you and me, did jobs like you and me, but one day each of these people stopped and listened to what was their inner calling … which is actually the purpose of their life, their existence on the planet, and so they began their true journey of life. It was never an easy thing, and was always scary, to give up well paid jobs and start a new career in Self help, like writing a book or doing research on “self esteem” or creating coaching classes to change one’s thinking. Some of them had enough savings to help through the initial shift period, considering most of them are married with children, while some of them just went by the way they felt in their gut. What I really see is , most of them have moved in the direction which gave them inspiration / motivation and energy , to wake up every morning and give their best, to the work they were creating/ promoting. Nobody went behind success, money or fame. They just went behind what gave them satisfaction.. and the best part was, that in turn gave them success, money and fame. One thing that stands out in the lives of each of these wonderful people is that they started at a point – a goal in their lives. This goal usually started as a simple thought/ feeling which recurred so often that it could not be ignored, and it became the purpose of their lives. And to achieve this goal they followed simple disciplines everyday, and stood by them even if it looked like they were going no where or the goal seemed unachievable. But finally, one day, they saw that their efforts have paid off and they have made a difference, changed their own lives, and changed the lives of others. The ability to draw from with in oneself, the human spirit, is so amazing and a true possibility for each one of us. Yet , for many of us, it is very challenging, and seems like a far fetched idea. Sometimes it is because we may be already doing what is our life’s purpose and we are okay, or we are following a life (style) that is most accepted by the society and the people around us.

When does a need to “look” for your life’s purpose arise- when you are unhappy, when it is unsettling, and when you don’t like what you are doing any more. This may be a feeling very early in your life or it may come later. Or it may never come at all. Nobody has to worry about one’s life’s purpose, if life’s good . Only when there is a heart and a mind that don’t seem to agree with each other, in the same body, does the need for understanding the bigger picture arise – life’s purpose.

Saying that one does finally arrive at their life’s purpose, it doesn’t mean that it is a smooth road ahead. One has to work in that direction, face obstacles at times, change life style, probably give up relationships, and above all focus clearly on this one “purpose” , so that one draws all the energy from the idea of accomplishing this journey. So what is the big deal about “life’s purpose”… how is it different from an otherwise normal life ? From what I understand, after listening to these wonderful achievers, is that when one is able to understand their purpose of life, they feel “complete”. There is no area of life that seems compromised, because things start falling in place naturally. If a relationship does not work, they have the understanding to accept it and move on with much less hurt. And because they draw their motivation from that one single purpose, they recharge their energies through this, rather than exchange of energies from their partners or other individuals. So the whole blame game is off and the world becomes a better place to live. Now isn’t that a wonderful place to live in.. where you feel happy and satisfied… and rearing to go !

  1. Are you listening?!!

    The thought process is scattered….but a tried level of coherence….!

    Keep listening…you might hear BIGGER conversations….honestly could have written more perfectly! 🙂


      • mondayhaloween
      • June 9th, 2011

      sure KK, will take your feedback 🙂 will listen more !


    • Richa
    • June 15th, 2011

    i think its beautifully worded! Bravo …what comes from the heart always goes to the heart. It doesn’t matter if precision plays a part or not.


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