Birbal…as usual !

Once Akbar was at court and was ready to start the session.. but Birbal was yet to come…. he kept looking at the entrance of teh court room…. and when finally Birbal came in running, he stood and apologized to the Jahanpanah.. saying : “Forgive me Jahanpanah… I was late as I stamped shit by mistake.. I had to go back home, wash and then come back… I am very sorry”.. At this,, all the other ministers, who always waited for an opportunity to throw him out, said . : “Oh thats is so awful… he has stamped shit Jahanpanah.. how can anyone do that.. we must amputate his leg !!” Every body agreed that Birbals leg must be amputated.

Birbal was caught in a tough spot… he did not know what to do.. he looked at Akbar and said.. ” Jahanpanah, please give me 45 days… so that i can walk to my hearts content… then i will willingly get my leg cut off “..
At this, Akbar looked at the other ministers… they looked at each other.. finally everyone accepted that it was fair to do so. give Birbal 45 days to enjoy his legs 😉
Next day, Birbal arranged some workers to dig a big pit , outside the city. Then he made a request to all people in the city, to please use this pit for their nature’s call. People found this funny, but they did not mind. Slowly the pit started getting full… Then Birbal threw seeds of greens on this pit and let them grow…in two weeks they were long and green and looked sumptiuos.. he arranged to pluck the greens and got them to the court… then offered every minister a big bunch. The ministers were so happy ! They took the greens home and made delicious preparations and  thanked Birbal profusely. They wondered how the greens tasted so good ! Birbal said that he grew them outside the city and the next crop will be ready in two weeks… this time he offered the ministers can themselves go and pluck the greens.
The ministers were thrilled and on the day of harvest, they jostled between each other to be the first to pick the best greens… as they went to pluck the greens they fell into the pit… with shit all over.. Birbal came to the pit and said. ” Oh ! you have all fallen in shit.. right up to your neck… how can any one do that… so your head must be amputated !!”
Thats when the ministers realised their mistake… they apologised and begged Birbal not to amputate their heads.. and get them out of the shit… Birbal did so willingly… It was the 45th day.. and Birbal’s leg was not amputated ! Akbar admired Birbal and remained his proud patron.
Moral : Think of others just as you think of yourself. What applies to them also applies to you 🙂
Foot note : This was a story told by my father when I was a little girl… the story is the same…just the words are different.

  1. Nice piece of shit(Just Kidding)….!!! Oops….Writing! :D:D

    Loved the way it is narrated…! 🙂

    The day of story telling and listening have gone by…nowadays kids too don’t want to listen to stories all they want to see Cartoon Network, more than them the parents are eager to show the KID – what a Television does !!!! 🙂


    • mondayhaloween
    • June 2nd, 2011

    Glad you liked it KK…God! I miss all that story telling by my family.. my dad.. so true, TV has ruined a beautiful part of our connection among family members… well some one has to pay for all the technology and progress…


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