As the Crow Cries, A Soul Wanders!!!

I can hear it plead and cry its plight
No different than mine…!!

Perched on a branch far away from the maddening crowd
It calls for the peace that it lost
In this concrete jungle and its lifelessness
It longs for the greenery and the bushes that it could roost on

I am also lost and desolate to find
A new abode, for the one I have does not entice me.

I knew a day would come when I had to leave and go
But sooner the better is I thought
Till the day came, I could no longer take it
Felt like screaming and crying aloud as you do, dear bird.

I understand your plight, for no one can see…
I understand and resonate the same with you

The world’s a no place for me and you…
But at least you could sit away from them
And laugh at the miseries and lifelessness…
What do I do? I live amongst them and don’t know what to do
At times, I feel it was better to be what you are…
Then only I knew what you were up to…

You could poo and fly away
I had to bear the flood…!!!

                                                          – KK

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