Unconditional Love

 Destiny brought us together
But mysteriously keeps us apart.
We just can’t be – you and me.

Our ships moored in opposite seas.
There were a million miles between us.
Fate had played an ugly game.

At times I reach out and can feel your presence
Other times even when you look at me
It feels like you were not even there.

Your lips were so close to mine
But something, perhaps commitment to another,
Kept you from such a selfish indulgence.

So many boundaries block the way.
Yet we search in the dark for each other,
But obligations hold us at bay.

Yet I love you no less than if you were mine.
I’ll take you with me all of my days,
With all the love a heart can carry.

A heavy but smiling heart, in hope, 
That the same thing that keeps us apart,
Will bring us together.

Someday we’ll be – you and me.
If not in this life, in eternity as free souls.

Footnote : Was chatting up with a good friend who is going through a relationship crisis. While talking to her realised everyone goes through a nostalgic phase in life. Some people, some memories, never die. The memories linger on and fill you for a long period in your life. Here is to that ‘unconditional love’.

Photo Courtesy : Getty Images

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