Abode of Love


“Yeah, coming…who can it be at this time of the day? It is about 2 pm in the afternoon and nowadays the post man also does not come that frequently…it has all become email and internet stuff. Who can it be?”

“Amma, How come you receiving posts till…You are still in the ages of 80’s. That world’s changed…Hmmm…for some it didn’t, I guess.”

“Hello, your job is to deliver post. Don’t talk too much. Just give it and keep going.”

Who is it? Who has sent it to me? Oh! My reading glasses, let me see…

She looks at the envelope and finds the sender’s name etched in one corner. It has a neat handwriting and a cursive. Who can it be? Who stills writes in cursive, it was our days of school and college…now tho, I wonder if people even use pen and paper.

She holds the envelope closer to her eyes to take a look at the writing without her glasses. She can’t read a letter, but still she tries. She can’t resist why it is being addressed to her.

Then, her eyes at one blink catches a letter of the name…it says and looms larger in her eyes ‘C’. Her heart skips a beat.

Oh! Can it be him? What date is today? What month is it? What am I, 60 already? Isn’t my birthday next month? Oh my god, what’s happening?

The world around her swirls, the room, the chair, the tables…! She stumbles, holds to the furniture next to her…it seems to be moving.

She falls into chair, lost into a deafening thought. The words echo…

It is a depleted building on the hill station; she had chosen the spot to talk to him. She was there before him as usual and waiting for him. He came after she had already waited for 20 minutes. He was smiling and brimming with life and full of expectation and hope.

She knew he was expecting her to accept to the proposal he had put forward some days ago. But she had other plans for him.

As soon as he neared her, she blurted out… “Listen, things are not that easy as you say. It is really difficult I tried hard. I spoke about this to my parents as well, they did not agree I can’t do this. It is better we split and I don’t want to see you anymore or talk to you.”

“Hey, I thought you going to say something else, anyway, no worries. You go ahead finish up all your responsibilities. I will wait for you. I will wait for you this lifetime and many more. You won’t find me gone anywhere. You come back to me and that’s a promise I make to you. You are free to go.

Go, Go…Go, no harm done. I am good.”

She turns to go further and stands for a second listening to him…she can’t go. She is stuck. She is stuck by the words. She runs back into his arms and holds and cries on his shoulder…she cries out aloud and holding him she weeps.

He just lets her to cry to her heart’s contend…after what looks as if an eternity, she slowly regains herself and looks into the eyes that are looking at her intensely and passionately.

She wipes her eyes and looking at him says the inevitable, “At the age of 60, I will certainly come to you. Just mark my words, I will be there with you and no one will be able to stop me then. I am coming to you. Wait, for me.”

And she runs wildly in to the wilderness and gets lost in the civilization of the life too. To till this day she did not know that she could even be remembered for so long.

How long it has been? How long has it been? Oh! How many days and years have passed by? Almost about 25 or 26 years have passed by.

Can he remember all this till now? Has he been waiting for me still? Does he believe it is still possible? Haven’t heard from him that day? How did he get my address? How did he know I was still alive?

Alive, yeah he is ….and he remembers. A strange feeling passes through her and she does not know what to do. She goes to her desk and picks her spectacles and cleanly opens the envelope with her trembling hands.

She can’t stop her astonishment and her luck and on opening she finds an invitation card that reads,

Welcome to my ‘Abode of Love’

12.03.2036, 6.00 am

I invite you to my abode of love and waiting for your presence to fill this place with all the love and pleasure that I had missing.

I don’t know whether you would come or not, I am still here.


No.21, Avenue Hilltop

Fern Gardens


Phone: (04542) 6758902

Mobile: 09673489210

She reads it and falls, into the reading table chair and her mind is reeling the past. Not knowing what to do and how to approach this happening of her life. She looks in to the mirror and finds a girl of late-twenties smiling at her. Her white hair replaced with shiny black hair flowing in wind, unconsciously she puts her hand through her hair and a smile spreads across her wrinkled lips.

    • Dr.Vimala
    • May 15th, 2011

    Such a beautiful story with a thin line of feelings and love………..I appreciate KK for her creativeness and Heartiest wishes for her future endeavours. Keep writing, KK 🙂


  1. Love never age…..great !


    • mondayhaloween
    • May 25th, 2011

    you are always amazing KK !! keep writing ! Its a pleasure to imagine those emotions 🙂


    • Poojarini
    • May 26th, 2011

    This story reminds me of my first love. I think it’s somewhat true for me. If your heart beats for the first time for that special person then it will be very hard to forget him. Because the feelings are very new to me, I couldn’t move on for almost two years. Now, I still remember him but it’s been for almost 7 years and I guess the feelings are gone now. But I still remember him from time to time…and even though I loved someone else now, It’s not the very same feeling I felt from that time…


    • Well, Pooja….!!

      That was nice of you to share your mind through the story…..!!! 🙂

      Keep reading…….!


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