Tall, smart and handsome (part -5)

A strong beam of sunlight crosses their path and intervenes between their faces and they both close their eyes for a second. She tries to open her eyes and take a look at him, no the ray is blindfolding, she is not able, trying again…again…and again, but no, she lets go of her hand and guards against the beam held across her forehead to look into those eyes.

She sees nothing but a pale white ceiling and the fan running like a tired deer, in slow motion…she does not understand. She winks her eyes, the same no change.

She gets up on her bed and understands it is a dream and the same dream again. She sits silent for a while and wonders, “why this dream always ends there and why she can’t see the entire thing…and dream installments?”

She clears her head with a knock on the right temple and says to herself- “If this wasn’t a dream she might have seen that smile, that face, that eyes somewhere in my work life and they all have come together in a dream…there isn’t so much to be carried away. A simple dream in an extra-ordinary setting…!”

She looks at the full mirror on the dressing table; she looks at her eyes, checks her figure, looks at her face and then gets on with her usual routine life, selects a dress for the day and sets on with her morning rituals and gets ready for the day ahead.

When she approaches the breakfast table, her dad and mom, see her as angel walking towards them with a beautiful smile and a contended face, and the beauty that cannot be missed and makes you see one more time. The beautiful chiffon saree, with a mild crème and maroon prints adds beauty to the dusky damsel in perfect figurine.

“Good morning, folks…so what’s the food today?” Finishing her breakfast leisurely with few meaningful glances with her dad and mom, she wishes them all a good day and walks off to the portico where her car is parked…!

Her dad looks at her mom and says, “Be ready to welcome a son-in-law, my dear wife…you have gone old now!”

Both of them laugh simultaneously looking at each other with a pride in their eyes; they are disturbed by a sound of a sms…“Dad, stop dreaming…!”

The car leaves the premises with a hand weaving from the window…and the window pulling close…! He looks at his wife and smiles, she wonders what is it? He hands her the phone and goes off to get ready for his daily chores.

On reaching her 10 storey office building parks her car at the basement, walks up to the lift and presses the button of her floor, she notices the second floor button already activated.

The lifts door closes and starts moving up…0….1…2…it stops a female gets in. Both of them don’t bother to look at each other and fail to acknowledge.

The fourth floor approaches and the lift come to halt slowly and the doors open. The woman at the second floor, walks out first and then follows, Sandy…when she is about to get out she finds a guy waiting to get in….the second lady has gone few feet ahead and then turns to find the guy moving into the lift, she calls out…Ka…r…thi…k….! Wait!

Involuntarily, Sandy looks in the direction and finds a recognizable smile flash across the man’s face, just then the lady gets in the path and that pair of eyes that sparkle, tell her something.

She is not able to place the smile and eyes but it spoke volumes to her in that few seconds, she turns to find that her lips also have curved into a half-drawn smile and the doors of the lift closing…the pair of eyes looking at her intently.

“Where did I see those eyes…that smile?”

Approaching the reception of her floor, she looks for the register as a regular practice, not finding a pen, she scans the table, she finds a full page advertisement of a famous brand black car with a Mask of Zorro….!

She looks at the door way and the sound of the lift closing by….and in a flash she gets the smile, the eyes, the face…she unknowingly smiles and dropping her bag on the desk runs to the lift…the lift drops by …3…2…!

All dreams don’t come true…but wish certain of our dreams come true and some dreams to remain a dream!

(…The beginning!)

    • mondayhaloween
    • May 12th, 2011

    KK you are awesome !!!!


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