Tall, smart and handsome (part-4)

Her dad comes in and sits on her study table and waits for her to come in completely. She just waits at the door, comes near him and sits on the bed. Both of them look at each other and smile…why is it difficult to talk when you want to?

She looks at him once again and smiles, he does the same and then clears his throat and starts off with whatever he wanted to tell.

“Sandy, I have never seen you so confused or so lost. What is the reason? Is there any trouble or anything like your mom expects it to be?”

“Dad…Dad…There is nothing that I can tell you right now. I agree…I am confused. I…I…I don’t know where to start…and what to tell you? – She starts hovering around her bed and moving up and down the room, with her hands in the air and confusions in her talk.

Her dad just looks at her, thinking what can possibly go wrong. Is my wife correct, is her intuitions true…what am I to do now?

“No…No…No…” – Looking at her dad, she knows what’s running on his mind.

“Sandy, see there is nothing to worry. We are here to help you, kid. Tell us what it is. You have the freedom to do what you want with your life. We have never come in between your choices and wishes, so it will be even further. Just tell us, we would never make you succumb to our desires.”

She runs to her dad, and holding on to his knees she says, “Dad, I need some time. I am sure I am messed up. But I want to handle this myself. I want to come out of this and it is going to take some time…maybe a day or two. I promise, I will be all right. I assure you there is nothing to worry and there isn’t anything that can hurt me or us. Believe me; a little cleaning up is all that is required.”

Her dad, placing a hand on her head, for a minute looks into her eyes and then getting up from his seat, he says, “Sandy, if that is the condition, then it is fine. But remember, your mom and me are with you in every decision that you make.”

“Yes, dad, I know I can count on you people. Thanks, dad for being there. I will be myself in a couple of days!” Nodding here head, she says, “Good night, dad.”

“Good night, Sandy!”

Closing her doors, she lies down on her bed looking at the ceiling and moving along with the fan running clockwise, she seems be hold on to her thoughts, drifting off into her own dreams…!

A beautiful castle with a pathway decked with flowers and different kinds of trees on both sides…she is walking along the way, with a lot of birds chirping and singing… air heavily laden with heavenly fragrance, the rays of light playing hide and seek …slowly she walks by engulfing the surrounding.

The castle stands tall and strong, winning lots of battles and magnificent telling many a tales of victory. From the watch tower she sees that same familiar face, yet again bright and handsome. She looks at the face that has become so handsome and tiring to attain, she misses to see the right hand extended to her as if asking her to run into it.

The door of the castle has a bouquet of wild roses in a bunch. She looks at it and then looks at the face, she gets acknowledged by a nod, she lifts it and smells it; it has the same heavenly smell, making her giddy for a second.

She gently pushes open the doorway and finds a spatial garden strewn in front of her and a winding stairway in the center leading to the watch tower. She walks gently up to the stairway, climbing each stair with care.

At the end of the stairway, she sees the face at a distance so less to walk by and too much to run by. She waits for a second there and looks at him, so why has he masked himself even today? Why does he not remove it? Oh! God just once.

Without, she realizing it she utters, “Why do you mask yourself?”

“Oh! No, what did I just say?”

“Why don’t you want to remove them yourself…or should I?”

“I (Smile)…I…I…yeah for sure, I want to…I want to…hmm…see your face….Yeah, I do”

He just gives her a beautiful smile and she thinks – “Oh! The smile could take away a thousand hearts and be silent forever. Why do you want to torture me so? Now, why do you smile so beautifully, my hear is melting…!”

He just nods at her, slowly she just drifts towards him pulled by the magnetic force…she is just a few feet away from him. She can hear her heart-beat in her ears, the bangs against the walls of the heart, the heaving of the breath…and the distance slowly reducing.

She puts her left hand into his extended right arm, moving closer that their breath is intermingled at the centre. She gazes on the face and smile that is giving her immense pleasures that she was not aware of. Then, she lifts her right arm towards the temple and the hand travelling further clutches the cloth that conceals the face, she gets lost in the deep set brown eyes for a second….she is almost there.

The nose bridge is fine, the mouth is sensuous, the cheek bones perfect, the chin perfect, the rough look of a warrior and mingled with a rustic man, the nape leading to the broad shoulders, the arms…So it is the blindfold that hides the whole picture, I am going to be throwing some light on to it.

(…to be continued)

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