Tall, smart and handsome (part 3)

It is the face that was very close to her and very much dear to her. She actualizes it is her dad and wonders what is he doing, there?

“Sandy(Sandhya), where were you? Why did you not attend our calls? We got really worried. What’s wrong child, are you all right?”

“Uhm…yeah dad, I am fine. But where is the other person, where did he vanish, now?” looking around.

“Who the other person…?”

“Urgh, never mind…between dad, what are you doing here? I mean, why are you moving around this alley…er…I mean, are you going somewhere?”

“Hmm…confused, kid I have. I came in search of you, thinking you might be somewhere around the corner and came to take a look whether you are fine, coz you weren’t returning our calls and you seem to be driving as if in a dream. What’s all this about and now what were you just trying to do?”

“Dad, I am not a kid any more, I know my way home. I had infact informed mom about my late coming, I wasn’t going to be kidnapped or whatever…as she said that, she took a close look at the darkened alley and wondered…what if it wasn’t her dad.

All her disappointment was coming on to her face of not seeing the masked man, “Oh! Where are you lost and why are you torturing me…?”

“Excuse, me lady, can I come in?”

“Yeah, what…how long you know him and isn’t it little strange running after a masked man…as if he is the Antonio Banderas of Mask of Zorro…!”

“I know…I know…now you stop and get lost…!”

“Sandy, sandy….what and whom are you talking to?”

Looking around her once again, banging her head out her reverie, she says, “Ahem! Dad, I don’t know something weird is happening to me, Ok, come now, lets go home.”

Both the dad and daughter get back home lost in their own thoughts and dad wonders what’s wrong with her. If something of a problem brewing or is she hallucinating something…! Have to get into the matter and solve it. Sooner the better, he promises himself.

Sandhya, internally is still disappointed that it was her dad and not the masked man, for a minute she even seems to curse her dad for being there and spoiling the effect of meeting the masked man.

How can she even think like that…a man of her dreams walking out to her…out of no where and if it wasn’t for her dad, she might have gone and hit some building and would have been in whole lot of trouble in that lonely alley.

It is high time I get out of this weird dream of mine and do something about it. Again, at the dinning table the discussion around her strange behavior starts to take rounds, the dad, mom, and brother giving a different connotation to it as appropriate they thought. She kept listening to it and then denied all facts and truths and comes into her heaven.

She could not resist it, the urge to call her dear most friend and discuss about this masked man. But she will also react like dad, mom and bro, again she would have to deny the facts and truths….wait a minute!

What is the fact here and what is the truth? Huh?!

“Hello, people of this house there is nothing as truth and fact, there is only this thing…the tall, smart and handsome masked man, who keeps coming to me and never lets me know…what is what. Ok, people…do you all, get that straight….!”

Oh! Sandy, who are you talking to again….Grrr……..No, this can’t be happening….I am talking to no audience. Am I going insane? She looks at the mirror and her reflection; nothing is strange she looks the same as she does. What’s wrong?

Then, subconsciously, dials her friend’s number on the mobile and starts to open her mouth to speak as soon as she hears her voice….but then her friend, before Sandy could utter a word goes on like a little propeller jet plane that zooms past you but you still can hear its shudder…it goes on.

Sandy puts her hand to her head and listens to all the blabber she had to say and keeps the phone on the table beside her as it is not the right time to discuss. Shall I go discuss with, mom?

No…No…No…that’s all she will spin her own story and it will become a flash story! Why take so much trouble? Will sleep and he will come and then can talk it out with him…this will give me time to analyze his character also meanwhile…Aiyoo….what’s wrong with me?!

She hears a knock on her door and dismisses it as a dream…and then with a full throttle goes to open to door, thinking that her dream is knocking at the door and asking for her permission to enter. She opens it to find her dad standing there…”Oh! not again!”

She did not mean to say that but it escaped her mouth and luckily her dad, did not hear it. She just smiles at his a half-sly smile and he just looks at her with his hands folded behind his back and waits for his daughter to give way and enter the room.

She seems to be standing in the way…they both smile at each other again and then she realizing that she is standing in his way lets him in involuntarily and then again they look at each other and smile…!

(…to be continued)

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