For Free !

Last week I went to an Inspirational Seminar- How to become a Successful Entrepreneur! The presenter and the co presenter were typical Singaporeans.. using “la” English.. famous worldwide only in Singapore.. and the two hour presentation was definitely worth while…It was a free seminar and it had a very small group of people , who had responded to the Trainer’s email and phone message, informing about the event.

What really caught my attention was .. how different was this one, from another free seminar.. why will any one hold a seminar in a 5 star hotel and not charge anything … I realized this was the preamble.. to promote a two day work shop conducted by the Master Trainer, who was the successful entrepreneur. Clearly the fee took care of not only the free seminar charges, but also helped the Trainer to sustain comfortably. But that’s not the point… For once, I saw that this person really meant to give away something free… and he did it! Without any hesitation…

He taught the 7 golden rules for a successful Entrepreneur- for free… and I am going to pass it on! For free! The nicest words he said was “The meaning of our lives is about how we impact others”

7 Rules for being a successful Entrepreneur:

1. Vision – form a vision of what you want to be.. write it on  paper to crystallize it

2. Focus – focus on your vision, nothing else.. Success comes with attention to purpose, set your priorities and do the right thing!

3. Plan and Do it – again write it down, for clarity, do what you say you will do , review your plan against action

4. Always think positively – You are what you say to Yourself! Say positive affirmations everyday, strengthen your spirit and remember the power of your tongue!

5. Continuous Learning – Invest in yourself through personal development, read books, journals, attend seminars, courses to improve knowledge, learn from the wise/ senior / expert who has seen success, Have a teachable Spirit !

6. Networking– meet people who can help, join professional groups, attend social events, be willing to serve others.. all these open up new opportunities

7. Execution – Execute! It is the key to success… nothing happens if you don’t do something! Be constantly Aligned to your Vision!

If I look at it again, it is not something different from what I already know… but it is the way it was communicated, that impacted me. The Trainer came from 25 years of experience and was a master in his trade, but the genuineness of his words and his willingness to share his life’s experience was so real, it was worth the rain and train that I beat to reach the Hotel. These simple instances teach you … that the best things in life are indeed Free!!

Picture : Courtesy Ebeling Heffernan Magazine

    • KK
    • April 21st, 2011

    Here’s my free comment….Good one!!

    I liked the pun or was it unintended – “famous worldwide only in Singapore..” – Quoted 🙂


    • mondayhaloween
    • April 23rd, 2011

    🙂 it was intended KK… I use it often.. to make my point 🙂


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