Mind and its Wanderings!!

Mind and its wanderings
I detest

Mind and its wanderings
I detest

I know not what to do with it
I am helpless and wonder what and how

It could do to me
If I knew won’t I be the master

But at its mercy
I am always looking for one that can

Tender it to the grounds
Keep its reins drawn

What is its capability
Whenever it knocks restless against the ribs

I feel it needs a new lease of life
It is bored of the clutches it goes through

Everyday I tell it will do something about it
The end of day is the same – next time…!

Never did I know the next time would be
When I joined hand with it

Walking on the boundaries of endless joy and happiness
That I let it be the way it wants

Pleasures and aches were anew
On the shores of life is the thought

Someday day dreams will come ashore….!

Picture : Courtesy Getty Images

    • Kristin Brænne
    • April 19th, 2011



    • Thenmozhi
    • April 26th, 2011

    Reminds a Bharathiyar poetry. Incidental? BTW, do you know Tamil?


    • Hi….Sorry I don’t know Tamil.

      Thanks, there for relating some piece of work to a Poet of Great Caliber!! 🙂


    • Vandana Srinivasan
    • May 14th, 2011

    Perfect definition of Love but very hard to follow 100%. It feels like suddenly the damaged radar system of a SHIP in the middle of the OCEAN has started responding to the frequencies of base station..


    • vidhya shankar
    • May 14th, 2011

    Very nicely written…from the head and from the heart!


  1. May 20th, 2011
    Trackback from : Harish Kumar

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