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My Darling Angel

When I look around and see you,

The angel in my eyes,

I know that I will do anything for you.

My angel, the most precious gift of life

I will do everything to protect you.


When we lay down for a nap,

You hold me in those comfy hug,

Your little figures gracing my back.

My angel, the love of my life,

Oh I miss those little arms around me.


When we go for our evening stroll,

Your hands hold my little figure,

Confident now is your little baby steps.

My angel, the treasure of my life,

I miss those shaky steps and the memories.

Your darling cries reach me,

And I rush to your side,

To allay your fears and help you.

My angel, the person I live for,

I will never leave your side.


Someday when you’re grown,

I hope to hold you like I did long ago,

When you were,

My baby, and my angel

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