Love’s Chances : Valentines Day Special

Two paths can be taken,
One alone and safe,
One with love and chance.

One so straight,
Clearly the safer without risk.
Without loves harsh pains.

The road of love, always a chance.
With loves ups and downs.
A chance worth taken.

If I have to take a little pain
Waiting, for my dream,
Hoping the promise is not in vain.

But waiting, I missed
My life’s chance.
My mind put a block so high to climb.

The heart that had been broken
Cried softly.
A prisoner in silent pain.

All had been lost
Until you walked in.
My heart fought to be free.

Dare I let my heart scale
To trust once more.
On a prayer, I let lose and go free.

Then we sang songs together.
Birds chirping,
Rain drops falling without raining.

The times together,
So fresh and clear.
A careless whisper in my ear.

The touch so soft.
Gentle as the wind,
Caressing the skin.

The sweat and musk,
Scent that lingers.
Held with in your eye’s dream

A second shot at life.
No one has one,
But I’d still be full of doubt.

I want cling to the moment,
But wipe it away all the same.
I don’t understand myself.

At times, in the still of the night.
I think about you.
And I know I am just a captive to myself.

To love is pain….. Alone is safe…….
But my heart yearns to hear “Here I am, It’s me.”

PS: It is “Valentine’s Day” and “Love is in the Air”. I have always wondered if Valentines Day “REALLY” a day we need to celebrate or it is just a waste of time?

Being what I am, I always used to argue that its a waste of time because I just don’t see the focal point of it.

I mean, where’s the sense of telling or showing someone on a particular day that you love them, when you’ve got 365 days of the year (including the 14th February) to do exactly that. For me, Valentines Day is just 24 hours. For me, Valentines Day is just the 14th day of the month February, its nothing special.

It may be to you as you may have a loved one, or it may be your birthday, which if that’s the case, then that’s brilliant and you can celebrate it how you want, but for me, it holds no significance, it is just a day.

But for those of you for whom it is a special day, here is a poem dedicated to lovers. Not the emotion that you feel with your hormonal levels but the pure blissful emotion that we once called ‘LOVE’.

Copyright: Request the viewers of the Blog not reprint/ reproduce this poem on any other website, or any medium, without the express consent of the author. Copyright infringements will be viewed very seriously.

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