Eyes : Windows to the Soul

Eyes like your bewitch my being.
Ever haunting my soul.
However I am, whether I am young or old; timid or bold.

In your eyes, I saw reflection that holds my soul
Beautiful eternity.
The shine sending shivers up my spine and entrapping my mind.

I’ve closed my eyes against past lies
Avoiding another sharp ache.
The tears that fell remind me well, stopping me before my heart breaks.

The love I lost at awesome cost
Still linger inside my mind.
Like ghosts they roam, while I’m alone and dreaming of better times.

Then you showed me my destiny and, at last
My mind sings new songs.
I felt your essence and vibrant spirit from far away, into a different era.

My hunger has been building for you throughout decades.
But now that I have captured you at last, at least for now..
Until fate parts us once more.

But… I sometimes think that if I blink
Suddenly, you too would be gone.

PS: First of all, I  take this opportunity to thank every visitor in the past few days. It has been so encouraging with comments and blog rolls. I have to admit that Addicted was my second attempt at poetry and your encouragement has really given me a high, that I am not able to overcome.  So I venture here with my third attempt.

The inspiration to this poem  – ‘Dreamy & Beautiful Eyes’.

My father an Civil Engineer by profession and a sculptor by passion,  used to crave artwork out of clay. Even though,  I  wasn’t his  favorite son,  I was a perfect model for his artwork and all the thanks goes to my very dark complexion.

He used to always say “A pair of beautiful eyes shines most in darker complexion and they are windows to the soul .”

Today, come to think of it, I know and could only wonder – how true it is!!!

Copyright : Appreciate if the viewers of the Blog do not reprint/ reproduce these poems on any other website, or any medium, without the express consent of the author. Copyright infringements will be viewed very seriously.

  1. There is something about the Universality of feelings that binds souls together and something about writers writing so raw as to reflect the mirrors to each and the pain within!! You did it again kid!! Damn you…….


    • Shalini Srivastava
    • January 18th, 2011

    Oh I LOVE romantic poetry!! Falling in love with a dreamy beautiful eyes. This is skillful, sensitive, caring, melancholic and loving.. all the different metaphors paint a beautiful heart of love.

    GREAT write.. BRAVO 🙂


    • Shifali
    • January 18th, 2011

    A beautiful and powerful poem of love and emotion. I like the description and feel of hope (as well as longing) in your words. Eye and love always make a great combination for a poem. An excellent poem.


    • Vinod Karanjkar
    • January 18th, 2011

    The poem is definitely drenched in beauty but “i feel” some of the expressions and references are cliche 😦 I am sure you can do better.

    But loved the ending ‘if I blink you will be gone’.


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