How to Welcome The New Year

Its 2011 we have just moved into a new decade.

It has been a long time since I have brought in the new year in Bangalore. The city was buzz with parties but ironically I was travelling to my hometown to get my daughter, who was celebrating her vacation with her cousins and grandparents, back.

Read in the morning that the whole of Bangalore was out there in Brigade Road reveling in the madness of the night. The traffic was crazy earlier in the evening, when I left, but heard that surprisingly later at night, it was quite smooth. There was nakabandi everywhere, with cops stopping a lot of drivers to check the alcohol levels. Busy night for them indeed!!!

There is always excitement on 31st evening, in anticipation of the celebration. But often felt that the feeling is better than the real thing. So was not disappointed that I would be travelling when the whole world welcomes the new decade.

The last year 2010 for the better part, reminded us of the Trini Lopez song “Shame and Scandal in the Family”. As one wag put it, the people in charge took the word CommonWealth literally, just as A. Raja decided that the best way to serve his country was on a “first come” basis. Another wag texted on New Years day that ICAI has introduced new Accounting Terminologies for figures in India : 500 Crore = 1 Koda; 1,000 Crore = 1 Radia; 10,000 Crore = 1 Kalmadi and 1,00,000 Crore = 1 Raja. And then towards the end of the year we the Great Indian Judiciary sham. This summerises the year 2010.

But there is hope in the world.  Cyrus Broacha has hit the nail in the coffin. He sure has built a Tsunami of confidence for India and the planet at large.

Video: Courtesy YouTube and CNN IBN

    • Gautham Rastogi
    • January 6th, 2011

    Welcoming the New Year can be an exciting time, filled with high anticipation and expectations for the months to come. Whether you slide into a New Year easily or go kicking and screaming, you’ll get some good advice for your life and your home from Cyrus.


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