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Extreme Wants









I am extremes….

I am extreme thunder.
I am extreme subtlety.

I am blowing hot, flames burning brightly.
I am chilling cold, icy shadows fall.

I want to be possessed.
I want to be set free.

I want to be the solace to the tormented heart.
I seek to be the tormentor of that heart.

I want to hear poetry and speak of love again.
I seek spirit from ages past.

In me you see eyes that care only about souls.
I seek the fire that makes one speak magic words.

But I sure want to see those souls create a garden paradise.

PS: I am still on a ‘high’ reading all your encouraging comments and mails.

This poem is dedicated to a recrudescent heart that wants to beat. As a poet, (I never thought I will call myself one but guess I am getting there) I have tried to get a glimpse at the woman’s heart and tried to make an attempt to understand their wants.

Yes, Buddy!!! “Woman Want….??!!!”

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Eyes : Windows to the Soul

Eyes like your bewitch my being.
Ever haunting my soul.
However I am, whether I am young or old; timid or bold.

In your eyes, I saw reflection that holds my soul
Beautiful eternity.
The shine sending shivers up my spine and entrapping my mind.

I’ve closed my eyes against past lies
Avoiding another sharp ache.
The tears that fell remind me well, stopping me before my heart breaks.

The love I lost at awesome cost
Still linger inside my mind.
Like ghosts they roam, while I’m alone and dreaming of better times.

Then you showed me my destiny and, at last
My mind sings new songs.
I felt your essence and vibrant spirit from far away, into a different era.

My hunger has been building for you throughout decades.
But now that I have captured you at last, at least for now..
Until fate parts us once more.

But… I sometimes think that if I blink
Suddenly, you too would be gone.

PS: First of all, I  take this opportunity to thank every visitor in the past few days. It has been so encouraging with comments and blog rolls. I have to admit that Addicted was my second attempt at poetry and your encouragement has really given me a high, that I am not able to overcome.  So I venture here with my third attempt.

The inspiration to this poem  – ‘Dreamy & Beautiful Eyes’.

My father an Civil Engineer by profession and a sculptor by passion,  used to crave artwork out of clay. Even though,  I  wasn’t his  favorite son,  I was a perfect model for his artwork and all the thanks goes to my very dark complexion.

He used to always say “A pair of beautiful eyes shines most in darker complexion and they are windows to the soul .”

Today, come to think of it, I know and could only wonder – how true it is!!!

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Addicted like a drug through my veins
Addicted to your eyes
Addicted to your smile
Addicted to your touch
Being with you leaves me feeling high,
Wish I could be high all the time.

Addicted to blissful euphoria
Heart pounding
Hands shaking
Head spinning
Always craving to be lost in those beautiful eyes,
Painful withdrawals when you’re not around.

Addicted to adoration and anticipation
Needing you
Desiring you
Loving you
Until all desires, fantasies and dreams spew.
And trembling, you tell me to stop.

I shouldn’t even be with you
For you belong to another
But I’ am addicted… Addicted to you, my sweet love
How can something feel so right,
           Be so wrong?
I don’t know someone please tell me!


PS: Inspiration for the poem is a ‘dream woman’, who would have made life beautiful like this poem. The expression of this inspiration is epitominsed in the famous song “Khabhi Khabhi” from the movie Silsila. Got to watch the remix video starring Shobana, one of the most enchanting and graceful dancer and hear the dialogue “Main aur meri tanhaai” in the most majestic voice of Amithab Bacchan.

Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain, Tum hoti to kaisa hota, tum yeh kehti, tum voh kehti, Tum is baat pe hairaan hoti, tum us baat pe kitni hansti, Tum hoti to aisa hota, tum hoti to vaisa hota, Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain“.

Video : Courtesy YouTube, Album “Aby Baby” Remix by Bally Sagoo and Singers Sadhana Sargam and Amithab Bacchan

Copyright : Request the viewers of the Blog not reprint/ reproduce these poems on any other website, or any medium, without the express consent of the author. Copyright infringements will be viewed very seriously.

How to Welcome The New Year

Its 2011 we have just moved into a new decade.

It has been a long time since I have brought in the new year in Bangalore. The city was buzz with parties but ironically I was travelling to my hometown to get my daughter, who was celebrating her vacation with her cousins and grandparents, back.

Read in the morning that the whole of Bangalore was out there in Brigade Road reveling in the madness of the night. The traffic was crazy earlier in the evening, when I left, but heard that surprisingly later at night, it was quite smooth. There was nakabandi everywhere, with cops stopping a lot of drivers to check the alcohol levels. Busy night for them indeed!!!

There is always excitement on 31st evening, in anticipation of the celebration. But often felt that the feeling is better than the real thing. So was not disappointed that I would be travelling when the whole world welcomes the new decade.

The last year 2010 for the better part, reminded us of the Trini Lopez song “Shame and Scandal in the Family”. As one wag put it, the people in charge took the word CommonWealth literally, just as A. Raja decided that the best way to serve his country was on a “first come” basis. Another wag texted on New Years day that ICAI has introduced new Accounting Terminologies for figures in India : 500 Crore = 1 Koda; 1,000 Crore = 1 Radia; 10,000 Crore = 1 Kalmadi and 1,00,000 Crore = 1 Raja. And then towards the end of the year we the Great Indian Judiciary sham. This summerises the year 2010.

But there is hope in the world.  Cyrus Broacha has hit the nail in the coffin. He sure has built a Tsunami of confidence for India and the planet at large.

Video: Courtesy YouTube and CNN IBN