Octopus Oracle Paul picks España

There are no super heroes in this World Cup. The 2010 World Cup has seen all the big names crush out in the quarter and semi final stages. We have the underdogs, Netherlands and Spain, countries who have never picked the coveted World Cup and always failed in the crucial matches, playing in the Final.

But how could I miss the new super hero of 2010 FIFA World Cup, Psychic Octopus Paul Allen. How could I have missed this oracle, the greatest gift to football-kind.

Believers say Paul the Octopus a no common octopus. Our eight-legged mollusk was born in England and lives in a tank at a Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany. ‘The Oracle of Oberhausen Paul’ as he is now known, gained global fame as a soccer guru who can predict the results of football matches.

The procedure is simple and probably familiar to all by now: Our popular animal oracle Paul is given two boxes with food, each bearing the flag of either one of the opposing teams. Whichever box Paul yanks open will be his prediction. Paul initially started predicting the international matches played by his adopted country Germany. At this World Cup Paul has predicted all of Germany’s results correctly even including the defeats against Serbia in the group stages and Spain in the semi-finals.

The octopus had already made it’s prediction for the third and fourth place play-off opting for the mussel in the Germany box and that too has turned out to be true. It took Paul just a couple of minutes to decide its adopted nation will beat Uruguay to take third place in the tournament

Now Paul has predicted that Spain national team will get the 2010 World Cup. The live TV broadcast was seen on Friday where this prophetic chooses Spain over Netherlands. What a relief for the Spanish team!

This World Cup has not seen much excitement. But the only excitement is this great invertebrate Paul. Paul had stunned soccer fans worldwide by correctly forecasting Spain’s 1-0 victory against Germany in the semi-final. There is excitement with German fans bitter and upset at the loss to Spain, the German fans have been posting cruel cooking recipes on the Internet, believing that Paul has ‘betrayed’ his homeland. A few have even gone as far as to say that perhaps the German team acted on a self-fulfilling prophecy after witnessing the cephalopod’s pick earlier on. But the Spanish Prime Minster Jose Zapatero has promised bodyguards to this prophetic cephalopod.

Does anyone dare doubt the psychic prowess of this entertainer in 2010 FIFA World Cup, again? We should look at declaring Paul Allen for Golden Boot, Golden Ball or Golden Gloves. Or maybe FIFA should create a new catagory “Golden Tentacles“.

Video : Copyright with YouTube

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