Tiresome Theatrical

The Shoaib Malik, Ayesha Siddiqui and Sania Mirza I’affaire has ended with the parties reaching a settlement. Hopefully we will now be spared headlines on the front page of newspapers of these theatricals and also the interminable discussions in electronic media about the bizzare episode.

Really pity the media, the so called watchdog of democracy, which covers all these tiresome theatricals and histronics. I wonder if there were no national issues of interest and concern to our people? It is also curious how those who were not affected by the controversy plunched into the fray.

True to form, Shiva Sena Chief Bal Thackreray ordained that Sania Mirza should no longer play for India after her marriage to a Pakistani even though she is keen to do so. This Cartoon and Cartoonist (all in one), like the Taliban can dictate the lives of others in a matter as private as marriage.

Not to be left behind Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi assured Shoaib of all assistance. He is not aware that the Indian Judicial system has layers who would extend full legal support to Shoaib irrespective of his nationality.

There sure is no shortage of ‘nuts’ in our country that we have to import them. We as people, seem to have lost our sense of priority, or maybe that is what our national dailies and electronic channels make us believe.

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